Kendrick Lamar: The Blacker The Berry

Kendrick Lamar is a walking, living and rapping hypocrite…admittedly so.

In his latest single, “The Blacker The Berry”, the Compton emcee, takes a different approach than his grammy-award winning single, “i”, which took a moment to look at the core of self.

“The Blacker The Berry” digests and discusses the world around him.

Aggressive in delivery and spewing his frustrations as he takes on the mindsets of protesters across the world in response to the unjustified deaths of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and many more, Lamar brings up topics of unjust violence, generational hatred and racial stereotypes. His lyrical intellect hits the ear with rage while flipping through the consciousness of a soldier of humanity.  This is more than a Boi-1da head-knock production.

The Blacker The Berry is a seriously alarming wake-up call.

Lamar serves Black History Month with in-depth realness and an awakening of the mind and soul. Pay attention. This track is a needed gem.

This material is NSFW*

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