Katt Williams Accused of Torture in Lawsuit

Katt Williams has found his way back in the headlines and it’s another case of violence.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles, Jamila Majesty accused Williams, his “female companions” and “housemates” of imprisoning and torturing her in his bathroom.

According to Majesty, she was invited to the comedian’s Malibu home where she was assaulted and beaten for three hours. In addition to the beating, the alleged victim also claims that she was burned in the face with a lit cigarette, slapped several times, and punched in the ribs by Williams.

The spark of Katt’s anger: Majesty used his bathroom facilities.

According to lawsuit documents obtained by The Wrap, Majesty claimed she saw a “Wiccan book” on Williams’ bed, which is associated with witchcraft.

In the suit, Majesty is seeking unspecified damages.

Life surrounding Katt Williams is becoming even more bizarre.