What’s Happening, Katt Williams?

Katt Williams is on a roll. Last week, the comedian launched various verbal attacks against Kevin Hart, even threatening to battle him on stage.

The confusion is still out on what sparked his rage against the fellow comedian, but according to sources, it has something to do with his girlfriend, Hazel E getting cozy with a rapper during a Kevin Hart-hosted Oscar’s after party.

If so, that’s messy and nothing has been confirmed. Nevertheless, Katt has since apologized to Kevin.

Following his slick-talking ambush against Hart, Williams found himself behind bars for punching a store clerk in the face while in Gaines, GA.

And the Katt antics still aren’t over.

During a Beanie Sigel concert in Philadelphia, apparently Katt was jumped on stage. Watch the bizarre footage below where the troubled entertainer can be seen behaving somewhat erratically and then plunging at a guy from Sigel’s camp at the 1:55 mark, which is then followed by a violent scuffle.

Whatever is happening in Katt’s life, we can only hope that someone who truly and genuinely cares for his well-being steps up and helps him out.