Karyn Parsons to Produce Animated Documentary

Her life was one of music, dance and creativity. Elegantly dashing with ease on the stage, Janet Collins was a construct of art in all its glory. Her story, often not heard or rather forgotten. But her contributions to the world of dance are admirable and inspiring.

In 1951, Janet Collins became the first and only Black Prima Ballerina to perform at the Metropolitan Opera Theater in New York, more commonly referred to today as the MET. Obstacles challenged her journey, one in particular happened at the age of 15 when Collins was offered a position in the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Unfortunately, this offer was met with stipulation – she could only appear and perform wearing white face. It was an offer, though hurt, she refused.

Through her Sweet Blackberry nonprofit organization, which shares important stories with youth in turn “making history fun,” Karyn Parsons of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stardom, is raising money to produce an animated documentary that tells the story of Janet Collins.

The short film will be narrated by actor/comedian Chris Rock with the mission to awaken dreams and provide a space that celebrates the beauty and creativity within the African-American culture within girls and boys.

Parsons’ award-winning company has already produced two short productions, which inducted Alfre Woodard and Queen Latifah as narrators. Current efforts are expected to meet the goal of $75, 000. With 20 days to go on its Kickstarter campaign, your help is valuable in bringing the Janet Collins project to light.

Learn more about the campaign and documentary here.