Kanye West Had NY Lit

Kanyé had the Interwebs going straight cray, Thursday.

In Yeezy fashion, the outspoken and uber artistic entertainer filled Madison Square Garden with fans, friends, and music heads to reveal music from his anticipated now titled ‘The Life of Pablo” LP.

Coinciding with the premiere of #YeezySeason3, the event brought about a few surprises, for one Lamar Odom was in attendance alongside Khloe and the Kardashian crew. Not only did ‘Ye drop cuts from his album, he also shared the light with Young Thug and Vic Mensa who streamed new joints for the hyped up crowd.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

What was even more surprising and had folks talking was the Kanye comparisons to Michael Jackson. Yeah…that threw me for a loop, too when I saw the trending topic. While some folks rocked with the idea others weren’t so convinced.

Check out a few of the mixed emotions below.

Here’s where the conversation kicked off with Chi-Town’s Hustle Simmons…

Oh yeah and this is happening!