After A Recent Rant, Is Kanye West Too Far Gone?

Yeezy, Yeezy, where’d you go and how long will this last?

Kanye’s mind is a mysterious maze, and it’ll take you through loops, twists, turns and a lot of decoding until you reach some level of understanding as to where exactly he’s coming from.

It’s hours of mental olympics to the fullest power, and in the nooks and crannies of it, there’s something that eventually clicks.

But, right now, even those who have been a part of Kanye’s evolution and consider him a brother are scratching their heads as a result of his most recent rants.

Maybe it’s something about the Saint Pablo Tour that is bringing his latest wave of revelations to the fore and causing him to air out frustrations.

We knew something was up when he took jabs at his “big brother” Jay Z during the Seattle stop of the tour about the streaming beef between Apple and Tidal.

Zooming in on last week, Kanye’s most recent jaw-dropping moments, came when he stated that had he voted, Trump would have been his preferred candidate. This, coming from a Black man, who once declared on national television, “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.”

Sunday night’s Sacramento tour stop has been drawing even more attention to the realization that we have surely lost Kanye Omari West. After just two songs, the Chicago-native exclaimed, “I’m on my Trump sh– tonight,” before shouting a big “F-you” to radio politics. He also called out Beyoncé over a video award, asked Jay to call him in order to sort things out, and reunited with Kid Cudi.

Listen below. *NSFW*

Kanye West’s interview with Surface Magazine was also released Sunday. During the conversation, Ye addressed everything from politics to fashion and his plans to make the world “great again” by way of the arts.

Nice sentiment, right?

The only problem is that for the last year or so, hip-hop and Black culture have witnessed Kanye losing his grip on a group of people that once idolized him, not only for his lyrical bars and soul-inspired productions, but also for providing a voice for the dreamers while exuding a confidence that made people pay attention.

Where has that Kanye gone?

Ye is an artist and it’s clear that he’s mentally advanced when comes to future level operations. But it’s becoming also even more clear that he’s blocking out the people who have been rooting for him from day one, those whom admire his creative vision but also push for him to remember the city that birthed him and the fans that accepted when “No” could have became his closest friend.

In all, it truly seems that somewhere down the line, Kanye’s feelings have been hurt, the politics of the industry are tearing into his psyche, and he’s addressing that pain the only way he understands how to do so.

Talib Kweli is asking Kanye to come back.

For now, the remaining dates for the Saint Pablo Tour have been cancelled.