Where’s The Love? Kanye West Blasts Jay Z

Has brotherly love turned into a brotherly feud for Kanye West and Jay Z?

From the sounds of Yeezy’s rant during his Saint Pablo tour stop in Seattle, Wednesday night, finance and politics may be getting in the way of their business and friendship.

Yeezy was feeling “tight” about a few things related to Drake’s ‘Pop Style’ single that was first released featuring verses from “The Throne” aka, Kanye and Jay Z, but appeared sans their bars on VIEWS, Drake’s latest album.

Part one of the rant below.

In addition to Jay seemingly being a block for ‘Ye to be on “Pop Style”, there’s also a Tidal/Apple music streaming service war.

Drake has a deal with Apple and we all know that Tidal is like the “secret service” of music streaming, so the issue is pretty blatant. There’s also a situation with loyalty. The Drake and Meek Mill beef has found its way to hinder the music relationship between Jay and Drake. According to Kanye, after Hov gave the track more thought, he decided that out of his respect and friendship with Meek, not to go through with his verse being a part of Drake’s VIEWS.

But it seems to be another issue burning a bit deeper than the music and the passion for the art. Kanye revealed “Our kids ain’t never even played together.”

And to further blow up the spot, ‘Ye confirmed there will be no ‘Watch The Throne 2’


In the words of Nicki Minaj, “What’s really good?”