Kanye West Highlight of MTV VMA’s

*Photo Courtesy of MTV.

This may be the moment that many artists have been waiting for…an opportunity to crash the stage while Kanye receives a top honor.

Then on the other hand, as clever and forward-thinking as some networks try to be, an “impromptu” stage crash might all be part of the plan as Kanye accepts the “MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award” at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

Yes, after the bold acts of stage-bombing on behalf of Beyoncé, ‘Ye may now feel the wrath of artists such as Taylor Swift and Beck.

With that aside, the G.O.O.D. Music artist also joins a prestigious list of musicians who have been recognized for their sharp vision, daring evolution and overall creative impact in the music industry.

Kan-yeezy’s contributions in arts, culture and fashion have flourished throughout his career leading him to be a passionate influencer.

“Throughout his career, West has blended musical and visual artistry to powerful effect,” a press release sent to JET stated. “From his trilogy of videos for “Jesus Walks,” to the mind-bending animation of “Heartless,” to the arresting imagery of “Bound 2,” he’s pushed boundaries and delivered something new with every successive video.”

Whether you rock with Kanye or not, you can’t deny his talent, passion and drive. Congrats, Yeezy!

Check out the 30 second tease below:

The MTV Video Music Awards airs live August 30, at 9pm ET/PT.