What Now?! Kanye West Meets with Donald Trump

It was only a 15-minute meeting. One that president-elect Donald Trump described as a conversation where he and Kanye West talked about “life.”

Nothing more and nothing less.

Kanye West, who was straight faced and rocking blonde hair, was seen entering the Trump Tower in New York, early Tuesday morning.

The rapper ignored various questions from reporters but dryly told them, “I just want to take a picture right now.”

As cameras clicked and the two posed, Trump confirmed to the papz that he and Kanye had been friends for a long time.

This will be one conversation held tightly under wraps. Speculations have weighed in though and some are asking if their private meeting dealt with a possible Yeezy performance during Trump’s inauguration or if ‘Ye is really considering that 2020 presidential run, maybe some advice was given there.

Who knows. But this photo op is stirring up all the questions, even after Kanye went on a rant where he declared “I’m on my Trump sh–, right now!” And yes, even after he stated that had he cast his ballot, Trump would have gotten his vote.

Somehow, this photo and the fact that he was adamant about having the picture taken is saying something a bit deeper. Is Kanye really, like really really on the Trump train?


According to Rick Ross, Kanye is completely playing all of us from the mental breakdown to this chummy talk with Trump.

#RickRoss says that #KanyeWest playin everybody who thinks he went crazy, what do y'all think? @RichForever #WSHH

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