Kanye West and Dame Dash’s New Venture?

When news broke that Karmaloop, an online streetwear company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy to restructure its brand, questions were raised about purchasing the business.

Harlem-bred entrepreneur Dame Dash was on high alert. Known for investing personal funds and flipping and creating projects, the culture guru, along with Kanye West, went on social media record to suggest the possibility of joining forces to buy the site.

Dash stated in one of the posts: “Honorable people stick together,so this is how generations do. We linking up and we decided to buy Karmaloop – we just talked about it. It’s gonna happen.”

Greg Selkoe, owner of the site, confirmed earlier this week that he, West and Dash had a conversation. He also noted that regardless of who he chooses to partner with, he will still be a part of the company.

It’ll be interesting to see the outcome of this business and culture venture.