Kanye West Blasted For ‘MultiRacial’ Casting Call

Kanye West caused some eyebrows to curl and eyes to look at him sideways after he tweeted out a model casting call requesting “MULTIRACIAL WOMEN ONLY.” The casting call is to support his upcoming Yeezy Season 4 line.

Following the message, tweets came in questioning his vision and the lack of Black representation that already heavily exists in the modeling industry.

@KatchKendra’s Twitter response to Kanye: “This is a major issue. In an industry that consistently cuts Black models out, you do this?! You are the absolute worst. Truly.”

On the other side of the outrage was acknowledgement that Kanye has used Black women in his previous three fashion shows. Along with the fact that his high-profiled and much talked about debut of “Fade” directed eyes and interest to the talented Teyana Taylor, a Black mother and artist.

Kanye is known to push boundaries and operate with intense vision. Who knows what he’s cooking up for the Yeezy 4 presentation. The controversy surrounding the interest for his next project also conversation surrounding multiracial identity. Maybe this could be a step toward inclusion.

Do you think Yeezy has ill-motive or simply exercising his artistic voice and vision? Sound off in the comment section.