Kanye West ‘Bound 2’ Video: Make it Stop

**Drops to knees, wailing up at the sky**
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Why, Yeezy, why?

“Bound 2” was my favorite song on Yeezus.

Why did you have to make a video that looked like Easy Rider meets Brokeback Mountain meets a Budweiser commercial in the seventh ring of hell?

Why did you have Kim Kardashian topless and looking like a refugee from a Glamor shot session at Ford City Mall in 1988?

Why did you look like you were on the kiddie motorcycle outside of a K-Mart, circa 1982?

Why did the set look like a Bob Ross painting?

Why did you stare purposefully into the camera when you were nuzzling Kim like you had bagged the Maltese falcon, rather than some reality show attention junkie?

Please understand.  Few people, other than Reggie Bush and Ray J, are that jealous of you at this point.

We get it.  You’re with Kim.  You love her. Enjoy it.  That’s what the rest of us do when we’re in love.  We don’t make videos that — in the words of my own boo– look like Saturday Night Live skits just waiting for Jay Pharoah and Nasim Pedrad to step on the set.

Just focus on making G.O.O.D. music and art and provoking our thoughts on classism, racism and narcissism….

And no more tie dye with rips.  Ever.

Thanks– Management

YOUR TURN: What did you think of the Kanye West “Bound 2” video?  Are your eyes burning?  Or maybe you are in front of your laptop yelling “okay, Kanye, I see you! Either way, let us know in comments below.