Is A Kanye, A$AP Rocky Collab in the Works?

You never really the know the story behind a picture, especially if it’s posted on social media with some of your favorite celebs.

Suspense and speculation is the name of the game when it comes to showbiz and Kanye West and A$AP Rocky sure caught attention when members of their camp posted an image of the two in the studio.

2016 Started Tonight.

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The caption, “2016 Started Tonight” is really what alerted ears. Yeezy has been teasing and working on his album, Swish, for some time and with no confirmed release date, anything is possible. He also made an appearance on Rocky’s successful A.L.L.A. project, so Rocky could be hopping on a track for ‘Ye’s album.


Or this could be a unique fashion collaboration, as both men are quite versatile in the world of style.

Would you be interested in hearing Rocky and ‘Ye trading verses on another album? Share your thoughts in the comments!