‘Kandi’s Wedding’ Recap

There are only 28 days to go until Kandi’s wedding … and her BFF/personal assistant Carmon is nowhere to be found. Her other assistant, Johnnie, however, is ready to go with paperwork and print-outs.

Kandi and Todd want to send save-the-date emails ASAP (at this point, I feel like you just send the actual invitation), but there’s still no venue. Hmm…

In the meantime, Kandi makes it clear that she wants animals at the wedding to coincide with their Coming to America theme.  Just don’t ask Kandi about the difference between a male lion and a female lion. She blames the mixup on a Porsha moment. But it’s cool..don’t we all have them?

In keeping with the theme, Kandi hosts auditions for African-style dancers to be part of her grand entrance with Todd. Man, could those people move! Kandi even jumped in on the action!

Later, Kandi meets up with her dad and asks him to officiate the wedding. She wants her mom to walk her down the aisle, but Mama Joyce is not having it. In fact, while shopping for a Mother of the Bride (MOB) dress with Kandi’s friend, Tan, Mama Joyce says it’s hard to pick a dress for the wedding because she feels like it’s a funeral. Ouch!

Kandi’s dad also tells her how the Granny Gang basically ganged up on him … changed the locks on him and everything. But Mama Joyce is calling b.s. and says her ex-husband was an adulterer.

Afterward, Kandi and Todd go to check out the venue aka an empty warehouse. Kandi can envision the details, but Todd isn’t so convinced. She wants to flip the room from the ceremony to the reception and one of her assistants chimes in: “Kandi’s vision is now my migraine.”

Later, Todd meets up with Apollo to work out so he can look good in his tux (although I’m not sure what kind of results he expects to see in less than a month, but okay). Todd also asks Apollo to be one of his groomsmen and for his advice about the prenup situation. Is Apollo the guy you really want to be taking relationship advice from, Todd? Think about it…

Back at home, Kandi tells Todd what her mom said about his parents. Todd says he didn’t even know his dad because he passed away when he was young, so how would Mama Joyce know anything about him? Todd asks what she said about his mom, but Kandi declines to comment.

Eventually, Mama Joyce comes over to their house, Kandi tells her about all the details of the wedding and Mama Joyce asks who’s supposed to be paying for everything. Kandi says “you” and I’m not sure if she’s joking. Kandi explains that the bride’s family traditionally pays for the wedding, but of course Mama Joyce “takes it there” and makes a comment about Todd using Kandi for her money.

So Todd brings up the “pimp” issue and Kandi, in her aside, says he shouldn’t have brought it up–that he should just let it go. Umm, Kandi, that’s not something you just let go. If someone called Mama Joyce a hoe, I’m sure Kandi would be the first to turn up. I give Todd his props because I don’t know if I could put up with that type of situation.

Todd’s not sure if he wants to go through with the wedding and I don’t blame him.

YOUR TURN: What would you do if you were Todd? Could you imagine having Mama Joyce as a mother-in-law? Sound off in the comments!