‘Kandi’s Wedding’ Recap

Last week on Kandi’s Wedding, Mama Joyce and Todd’s mom, Sharon, went at it; Todd went to Apollo for relationship advice (because that sounds like a good idea); and Tan gathered the ladies to help plan Kandi’s bachelorette party and bridal shower.

So it’s three days away from the wedding and Kandi decides now is a good time to figure out her hair (better late than never, I suppose!). So now she’s meeting up with Derek J to recreate the bride’s hair from Coming to America to go along with her wedding theme. And, of course, Mama Joyce stops in for a visit as well.

Can I just say Mama Joyce is doing the most?! She tells Derek J that the wedding is killing part of her. Is it though? Someone please cue the violin… And, not surprisingly, Kandi and her mom have different versions of what happened at the family dinner. Or as Kandi refers to it, “The Senior Citizen Smackdown.”

Then Derek J weighs in with his two cents on Kandi and Todd’s union, saying Todd is an opportunist. So now Kandi’s really pushing the prenup. Meanwhile, Mama Joyce thinks Todd’s going to hit a home run and marry a White girl. Huh?

Afterward, Todd meets Randy, the attorney who did Nene’s prenup, to discuss the “paperwork.” Randy suggested to Todd that he not sign the prenup written as is. I guess it’s back to the drawing board…

On a more somber note, Kandi goes to visit her brother’s gravesite with Mama Joyce. Kandi was 15 and her brother was 22 when he passed away in a car accident in Mexico. After a sentimental moment and a few tears, Mama Joyce finally agrees to walk Kandi down the aisle.

Now, it’s time for the bachelor and bachelorette parties! Phaedra brings the exotic entertainment to Kandi’s party and who knew the Granny Gang could turn up like that? At Todd’s party, it’s men being men with money, alcohol and big booties everywhere.

The next day at the rehearsal dinner, Kandi is upset because Todd hasn’t signed the prenup yet. Oh, and her gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses still aren’t ready, by the way. Kandi and Todd get into an argument about the prenup and Todd drives off. Aww, snap…