‘Kandi’s Wedding’ Recap

Heaven help me if my mom and future mother-in-law get into it like Mama Joyce and Todd’s mother last night. These old ladies need to TURN DOWN for everything!

This week’s episode begins with Kandi and Todd heading to marriage counseling with their pastor, which as bride-to-be, I think is a great idea. The pastor tells them you need to “communicate. Or you’ll disintegrate.”

Maybe someone needs to kindly pass the message along to their moms?

So to backtrack, Todd’s mother, Sharon, came to visit the couple two weeks before the wedding. He suggests having the mothers sit down to address their issues with one another. I admire Todd’s willingness to try and fix the situation, but this may be a lost cause. Sometimes, you have to let bygones be bygones.

Once Sharon arrives, Todd tells her all about what Mama Joyce has said about his dad being a pimp. Afterward, Sharon goes to town on Kandi about her mom. But, of course, Kandi doesn’t want to accept any responsibility for Mama Joyce’s actions.

Bridesmaids behaving badly

Later, Kandi and her friend Tan, her matron of honor, and Carmon, her maid of honor/former personal assistant go to taste the wedding cake. Tan is feeling the petite wedding-gown cake, but Carmon thinks Kandi needs something bigger and better … each trying to undermine the other. Needless to say, Tan and Carmon don’t quite get along.

At the dress fitting, we get a glimpse of Phaedra’s gown, which looks nice. But Kandi’s is still in the works … huh? Then the designer basically says he needs the “less hot” bridesmaid to stand next to Kandi … so he chooses Tan. Aww dang.

But there’s more bridesmaid drama brewing behind the scenes.

Tan calls the ladies (and gent) together to start planning Kandi’s bridal shower and bachelorette party, but it looks like she’s come up with all of the ideas herself and isn’t really interested in what anyone else has to say. Oookay!

Tan also takes the opportunity to tell Carmon to apologize to Mama Joyce. Carmon, of course, ain’t feeling it and says “bye, Felicia.” Kandi’s cousin chimes in and tells both Tan and Carmon to squash their beef and the “bridesman” backs her up as well.

“We just two bitches shaking damn fingers.”

Meanwhile, back at Kandi and Todd’s house, the Granny Gang (aka Kandi’s aunts) have arrived and it’s time for round one …I mean, dinner… with the moms.

Mama Joyce asks Sharon how long she’s been in town and then tells everyone Kandi doesn’t let her stay at the house, which Kandi says is untrue. A few more words are exchanged and then Mama Joyce and Sharon start going at it. Voices start rising, Sharon calls Mama Joyce a bitch, fingers start wagging and the moms need to be separated.

Aftewards, one of the aunts suggest the women just start over, but we’ll see what happens.

I’m convinced it may be better to have everyone agree to disagree…