Kandi Burruss Dishes on Her Wedding

There’s just something about weddings that brings out the best, and worst,  in people.

For proof, you don’t need to look much further than the most recent season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Star Kandi Burruss‘ pending nuptials to Todd Tucker was the source of many disagreements between the singer-songwriter and her very outspoken mother, Mama Joyce.

But that didn’t stop Kandi and Todd from walking down the aisle in April and, of course, the Bravo TV cameras were there to capture everything.

In this interview, Kandi opens up about her new show, Kandi’s Wedding, drama with her mama and offers advice for brides-to-be.  Consider this a preview to the first episode of the spinoff  on Sunday, June 1 on Bravo at 8/7 p.m. CST.

JET: First and foremost, congratulations on your wedding! How would describe the day?

Kandi Burruss: Thank you! The wedding itself was gorgeous! The theme was Coming to America and it was definitely over the top! I don’t think anyone has ever done it this big!

JET: How did you decide on that particular theme?

KB: Well Todd and I met in Africa, so basically we wanted to have an African theme. But instead of the typical theme, we thought “why don’t we do Coming to America?” It’s one of my favorite movies. We had live animals–we went all out! I had the over-the-top dress, we had dancers coming out of nowhere, flower petals everywhere, we really had a lot!

JET: Speaking of your gown, how did you know it was The One?

KB: I didn’t see anything in the stores that was really different and I know [designer] Reco Chapple very well. I’ve used him for a lot of different things in past. He said he wanted to do my dress, so I decided to take a chance. I had a lot of ideas I got off Pinterest, so I had him take a look and we went from there.

JET: What was the most stressful part about wedding planning?

Everything going on going on outside of wedding, like the drama with my mom. I just had to block it out and keep it moving. But it’s hard to have that big of a day and you’re not really getting the support you need from the person who matters most. But you have to block it out and remember it’s your day, it’s you & your fiancé. You have to do what’s going to make you happy.

JET: What is your advice for brides-to-be?

KB: I have a few friends who shared something with me: when you’re picking a wedding date, pick any day other than Sunday. My wedding happened to be on a Friday, but Saturdays are booked most of the time. If you pick a weekday, you have a better chance of getting the venue you want. You also have better negotiating power with vendors because they don’t typically work during the week.

JET: If you could change one things about your wedding, what would it be?

KB: I’d change three things: 1) I definitely wouldn’t have had people get there so early. Because it was on a Friday and there was so much traffic in Atlanta, we told people an earlier time, but they were on time and we were still late; 2) I would have had two different people making my dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Rico did an outstanding job, but we almost didn’t have our dresses; 3) I messed up on the whole seating arrangements. I did not have that done in time, which is horrible because it’s one the major things you’re supposed to do. So I learned a lot.

JET: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

KB: Yes, the soundtrack and DVD for my musical, A Mother’s Love, is available on my website and we’re bringing it to a city near you and taking it on tour!

Kandi’s Wedding premieres on Sunday, June 1 on Bravo at 8/7 p.m. Central.