K. Rose: Hip Hop’s New Motivation

By// Asiah James

Meet K. Rose, she’s a vibrant 20-year-old artist, who was taken under the wings of the popular producers Cool & Dre. This bright young start talks to JET about her career and more.

How is it working with Cool & Dre?
Those guys are like my brothers; it’s incredible to be in the studio with them. They allow me to have full creative control in executing my vision. They have such great energy and drive, just like me.

Who are your musical influences?
Michael Jackson will always be the king. I love to dance and I choreograph all of my music videos and performances. Even though I wasn’t around in the 80’s that entire era sticks with me. I look to Madonna for inspiration as well. She is just so cool man.

Speaking of inspiration, what was the motivation behind your new single “A Voi E A Me?”
“A Voi E A Me” was initially a poem. My mother was a vocal coach when I was younger and I would also perform in all types of competitions, singing in many languages. When Cool & Dre sent me the beat, I knew I had to use it. It has the perfect sound for a sexy party song.

Tell us about the Rosebot Rebel Movement?
The inspiration came about when I got kicked out of my house at 18. That was when I truly realized I had to make some adjustments to my life. It seemed like, I was struggling with what I wanted to become and so were my friends, so that is when I took it upon myself to began this movement. The Rosebot Rebel Movement is a group of striving youths that are coming together to fight for what we believe in. Us young people have a voice, and if it takes us to force people to listen then that is what we will do?

What do you envision for yourself in the upcoming years?
I want people to truly know what I stand for as a person. I want to take this Rosebot Rebel Movement to the next level, I see this movement as something far beyond myself..I truly just want to find peace in, myself in as many ways as possible. As long as I’m happy and the people I love are happy, I’m good.

When should we expect a debut album?
I do not have an exact date for an album yet, but I will be releasing an EP in the next couple of weeks. It’s titled, Sink or Swim! This EP basically sums up what I stand for as an artist and as a person. You can either sit on your couch, or you can swim and chase your dreams. This EP is a dedication to my destiny, and I am letting the youth know thatthe ultimate choice is truly yours.

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