K. Michelle’s Racy Wardrobe

When K. Michelle approached the mic last Friday night for her concert in Chicago at The Shrine, it wasn’t her performance that stole the show. It was her wardrobe.

The songstress stepped out on stage in a sheer and glittery bodysuit that made it appear as though she was half nude. When an image of the racy attire hit the web, the Love and Hip Hop star received much backlash.

One videographer at the show, Derrick Salter, says the whole crowd reacted to the outfit. “It was just like you’re at a ball game or you see something in a movie that just makes you go ‘ooh!’ It was real shocking.”

The outspoken singer addressed the reactions on Twitter saying, “Y’all tweeting about a photo shopped picture of my hot pocket. U broke bums should ask somebody to photo shop your pockets 2make them fatter.”

Salter sees it differently though. He thinks his video is enough proof that the pictures were not altered.

“But once she got to singing a couple of songs, the crowd was into the music,” Salter says. “I don’t think they was too worried about the outfit.”

Want to see the controversial outfit for yourself? Click below to continue. Warning: it’s NSFW!

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