K-Ci and JoJo: You Asked, They Answered

Historically, there have been a number of famous sibling acts out there in music land.

Sister Sledge.

The Jackson 5.


Heck, we even got Brandy and Ray J on the microphone together every once in a while.

But when it comes to KILLING the charts in the ’90s, there are only two names you need to know:  K-Ci & JoJo.  Back then, combined with their fellow leather pant-rocking, Timb-stomping diary-of-a-mad-bandmates Devante Swing and Mr. Dalvin, the gospel-singing, but gritty R&B bad boys set the standard for contemporary acts to follow.  We can look at Chris Brown, the entirety of TGT, Ne-Yo, Jagged Edge and others to hear their influence, as JET did in this homage to their past.

But K-Ci and JoJo are all about the present, as proven in a chat with JET just days before their  new album My Brother’s Keeper hit stores on Sept. 30.  The album, which holds on tight to their roots, showcases the considerable highs and sometimes lows of life and love with standouts including “Knock it Off” and “Show & Prove.”

Fans have plenty of questions for the sibs, ranging from their reality show escapades to their current sound and the inevitable question about another Jodeci album.  So, our Digital Managing Editor Kyra Kyles collected your questions from Facebook and Twitter, then posed them to the duo.  Here are the answers to what you asked and more, including a query about who they’d like to team up with for a supergroup.

JET: Why is the album called My Brother’s Keeper?

K-Ci: The reason we made it that title is because we’ve been through so much together as brothers.  JoJo has my back and I have his back, from career to business to personal. That’s it right there.  That explains everything.  We’ve been in this industry 25 years.

JoJo: He pretty much covered it all.  All our lives, and I’d say, longer than 25 years.  We started from little boys.

JET: Did you ever think you’d still be working together like this?  Or that you’d be solo by now?

K-Ci: Well, we had no choice really.  The way we were raised it was K-Ci, JoJo singing…. That’s all we knew was one another.  It just feels right.

JET: We got a look at that family dynamic during your reality show, Coming Clean.  And JoJo, you recently took another run at reality on Couples Therapy.  One of my Facebook friends wondered, in the latter case, JoJo, what happened with you and your wife, Tiny? It’s been said you two split up…

JoJo: [long pause] I’m happy.  That’s all I can say about that.

JET: Do you plan any more reality shows in future?

K-Ci.  I think Come Clean was enough for everybody to get into our personal lives.  If we ever do a reality show again,  it won’t be on that type of show.  We appreciate the opportunity, but we want to be showing you the good things.  Like look how much we progressed and grew.  Look at our music.

JET: JoJo, what did you gain from the experience?  What did you walk away with?

JoJo: Well, I am glad for one that we cleared up a lot of allegations that was brought upon my brother and I.  If you want to talk about us, at least know what you are talking about.  We wanted them to hear from us, our fans to hear from us what was going on.

JET: And what do you think the biggest rumor you cleared up was?

JoJo: The drugs.  Wasn’t nobody doing no drugs.  Who doesn’t have a drink or two or go too far with it, especially in the industry?  It’ll drive you to drinking.  It’ll drive some with weaker minds to drugs.  We didn’t go too much further than drinking.  You not going to add onto it what we’re admitting to.  We told you what we did.

K-Ci: Yeah, those were nasty drug rumors.  It wasn’t what we were doing, but how we were doing it.  We were taking it to our jobs.  People have the right to voice their opinions about that because we know it was affecting our fans.  But don’t lie.  We are fathers.  Our kids are reading blogs about their fathers and it’s good now that they can read the truth.  I think we cleared that up.

JET: We are loving your new work on My Brother’s Keeper, but you know your diehard Jodeci fans aren’t ever going to let this rest.  We got a lot of questions about whether there will there be a new Jodeci album?

JoJo: At this point, we’re not speaking on that.  Right now, we’re focused on K-Ci and JoJo…

JET: Of course, and we understand that, but we have to try and find out. 

JoJo: We’ll let y’all know.  We promise!

JET: Another fan wants to know how much unreleased material you all have? That goes for Jodeci as well as K-Ci and JoJo. What’s in the vault?

K-Ci: (laughing) We got so much we could cause some storage wars.  Jodeci and K-Ci and JoJo….Hey…. We’re not going to tell when, but keep your ears open…

JET: What? We can’t even get a hint?

K-Ci: When we first got into the business, we hit the scene like “bam!” And so we know what to do. We’re not going to warn you…. That is the way we’re going to let y’all know about that music we might be releasing.

 JET: Fine, fine, but I know JET better be getting some exclusive scoop because our social media family wants to know.  As you get ready to release this album that you WILL let us know about, tell us the impact you’ll have on the current R&B scene. 

K-Ci: We never knock any other artists, especially the ones that people compare us to.  We have our own style.  As far as like other acts, God bless them.  We’re here to take care of our business. For this album right here, I’ll say this.  We’re picking up where we left off.  Not changing much.  Like Tom Joyner said, ” I’m glad you didn’t change,” because a lot of artists feel that when they are away for a while, they try to fit in with the new.  We are still the new. We’ve got the same sound.  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

JET: Now, admittedly, this is my own question.  With TGT out here right now, I wonder: If you were to join up with another duo or band to form a supergroup, who would it be ?

K-Ci: Let me answer this one, Jo!  I would love to team up with our little brothers.  Dru Hill…..One thing I want to say, despite what some folks say, “They think they Jodeci,” those are our brothers.  Really to be honest, when we hear those haters, we want to tell them that Dru Hill was the only group that kept  the Jodeci sound alive.  Us working together, that would be crazy.

JoJo: I totally agree.  Like K-Ci said earlier on…We’ve been doing shows with them and want to do more shows.  Once a tour launches for us, that’s who we want to work with.

JET: Okay, you heard us out with the questions sent in from the audience, is there anything you want to say to them?

K-Ci: We’re sorry it took this long, but if you want something good,  you’ve got to wait a little time.  We also want to say thanks to all our fans.

JoJo:  I got something else to say.  (laughs) Stop being cheap and downloading, go buy a whole CD. Go to the store, it’s worth it.

JET: (laughing) Okay, we’ll make sure we relay the message.  Buy the whole CD.

JoJo: They won’t regret it.