Justine Skye is About to Dive Into ‘Green Dolphin’

Roc Nation artist Justine Skye is about to splash onto the big screen in a very dope way.

The 21-year-old is preparing her debut album, but in the midst of the music, she will make her feature film debut in the Keanu Reeves’ produced coming-of-age film Green Dolphin.

Also starring Tyler Dean Flores and Seann William Scott, Green Dolphin follows 15-year-old Robinson (Flores) and 20-year-old Keesha (Skye) as they travel across the country to escape their abusive drug-dealing foster father (Scott). When their car breaks down halfway into the trip, Keesha and Robinson discover a new family that just might help them turn their lives around.

Chris Kenneally wrote Green Dolphin, and he will also take the helm for his feature directorial debut. Kenneally told The Hollywood Reporter, “I could not be more pleased to have Justine and Tyler on board to bring our central characters, Keesha and Robinson, to life on film. They are remarkably gifted, rising talents, and I can’t wait to see them work opposite Seann William Scott, whose challenging role allows him to show off his dramatic chops.” Reeves said of the collaboration, “Chris and I first started discussing the concept for Green Dolphin when we worked together on Side by Side. This is a true passion project for me and Chris, and we’re so thrilled to get started on production.”

There is no word yet on when the film will debut in theaters, but we do know that production is set to begin this month. Until the film premieres, you can check out Skye’s latest EP below, 8 Ounces.

Photo Credit: Getty / Paras Griffin