Justin Timberlake Catches Heat From Social Media

Justin Timberlake struck a nerve with some folks during the BET Awards Sunday night.

Following an incredibly powerful speech by Jesse Williams, who received the Humanitarian Award, Timberlake took to Twitter and said that he was inspired by Williams’ words.

All seems well, right? Not so much. There was a part in Jesse’s speech where he addressed how other ethnicities are in awe Black culture and its music, fashion, inventions, etc…but the moment the entertaining aspect stops, Black people become societal enemy number one.

Congrats @ijessewilliams on the Humanitarian Award at #BETAwards Tonight. Did you Catch His Powerful Speech?

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The talk of cultural appropriation has been a hot topic, with many youth voices speaking out about African American style and culture being used for profit by other races.

When it comes to Timberlake, we all know the Tennessee-bred artist has soul and moves, but there’s still a sore spot from when he left Janet Jackson hanging (no pun intended) during their Super Bowl performance–according to many, a dose of that good ol’ white privilege came into play that day. This single move caused a lot of side-eyes to be darted Timberlake’s way.

So on top of allegedly throwing Janet under the bus, many of social media called him out for mining Black culture to get rich. Mind you, Timberlake is also family-like friends with producer Timbaland and also collaborates often with Bey, Jay and Pharrell – all key players in the music and entertainment industry, but still…folks weren’t happy.

Granted, Timberlake was born in Memphis so the soul is going to be there. But, the “uh-oh” moment came when he chose to include himself in the likeness of the struggles Black people endure, simply for being Black. It took only one-line to charge up the Twitterverse.

“The same”? Wrong choice of words, dear Justin. The “sexy back” singer apologized for his statement and explained his intent of the message was “we are all one. One race.”

So, fam, is JT still on the chopping block or nah?

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