Justin Adu’s Guide To Creative Freedom


Book Description:
[Don’t Insert Title Here] The Guide Toward Creative Freedom & Success is a self-published book from Creative Director, Fine Artist and Visual Artist, Adu. His author debut combines creative advice, motivational quotes (“Aduisms”) and career tips from Adu’s experience in the creative industry. The book also explores internal and external roadblocks creatives may face or run into along their journey and how one can maintain creative freedom while achieving their personal and professional goals.

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Many people don’t even need others to put themselves in a box, they do it on their own. Not only with who they are, what they want to be or what and where they should be in life, but they put themselves in a box when it comes to their atmosphere. My inspiration for writing this book is to hopefully inspire you to think outside of that box that you could be stuck in. We are all capable of doing any and everything that we want in whatever creative space we may find ourselves in. Develop and cultivate a trusted and successful process of managing creative projects and fuel your desire to create.

When I first got started in the industry of advertising so many creative directors and HR representatives used to say, “You have to pick one, so what are you? A graphic designer? photographer? videographer? fine artist? I need you to dial down your portfolio.” My reaction is and will always be, “Aren’t you getting the best bang for your buck?”

Over time I have learned to channel my creative capabilities and establish myself as a diverse creative individual. One who is able to adapt to any and every creative project or problem that may come my way.

Owned by thy self, Title free so [Don’t Insert Title Here].

Get a dose of Justin’s “Aduisms” below:

Time Taskmaster

“I have realized that my love and passion to design, create and introduce ideas is unmatched, and it can’t be controlled or avoided. I’m working on a project right now that I want to put out so badly, but I also understand the importance of time and the negative impact of sharing work prematurely. I challenge designers, photographers, fashion designers, music artists and all creatives, for the love of art, creativity and big ideas, to devote more time to your projects.

This is a personal struggle for me.

The digital world of memes, gifs, and other online visuals have created a “just share it” culture. Relevancy is all that matters. The pressure to share something creative every single day is overwhelming, and we’re delivering premature content with no purpose.

Take your time with producing and releasing projects – deliver quality creative ideas, not quality trash.”


My Aduisms are for you. Whenever you are in doubt of your journey as a creative individual, or what you are doing in your life, these Aduisms are here to inspire and remind you of your creative genius. Professional job titles and roles will always be a part of your career journey, but the title of being a creative individual who is remembered in history is totally up to you.

Below are a few that people have really enjoyed!

“When I was younger my parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up. I chose to be me.”

“A legacy has no age. Quit worrying about your age in relation to accomplishments.”

“They say the sky is the limit when it comes to coming up with ideas, so shoot for the outer limits.”

“Success is built on a growing legacy, not on an unsettled foundation.”

About Justin Adu:
Adu, as he is affectionately known, is a creative chameleon with an ability to navigate between art and brand communications. As the Associate Creative Director of Digital and Social Media at Carol H. Williams Advertising (CHWA), he credits his career versatility to hard work and a calling to change the world. “Through my artistry, I aspire to challenge myself to think outside the box and I hope to inspire everyone around the world to push the boundaries of their creativity.

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