Night Cap: Jussie Smollett On ‘Colbert’

Empire may not be back until March 30, but you can still catch some of the show’s stars in action.

Jussie Smollett stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week to talk about all of his recent successes including his hit television series, his Columbia record deal and his role as an activist.

But before he and the talk show host got into the thick of the conversation, he had to answer one specific question: Would his TV family, the Lyons, or his real-life family, the Smolletts, win in a battle against each other?

“This is tricky, but let me explain this,” the 32-year-old began. “We would beat the Lyons’ ass, and I’ll tell you why…The Lyons are constantly at each others’ throats. We have a unified situation. And yes, Lucious would possibly pull out a gun and shoot you in the eye, but that’s not the point…And I sure could beat Jamal’s ass down.”

Ha! Check out the entire clip below, and let us know which crew you think would come out victorious in such a fight.