Did Jussie Smollett Say ‘Bye to “Empire”?

Has Jamal Lyon come to the end of the road on Empire?

Judging from a tweet sent from Jussie Smollett, Wednesday night, it appears that way. Some spoilers ahead, so brake yourself if you’re not caught up.

In last night’s intense episode more secrets were exposed and drama fueled as rapper Freda put the puzzle pieces together and concluded that it was in fact, Luscious who killed her father. Amid the various antics, fans were left with the scene of Jamal (Jussie) being rushed to the hospital as the result of stepping into Freda’s path as she was trying to pop Papa Lyon.

Smollett or the Fox team have yet to fully confirm if the singer/songwriter will be leaving for good but one can only gather from the 140-character teaser that this is surely a recipe for the sign-off. Hmmmm, guess they got us to tune in next week, huh?