Joseline Hernandez Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Love & Hip Hop, where c-list artists and entertainers (except our girl Remy Ma) go to sabotage their careers for some change and limelight, can dish a lot of drama but there are a few sentimental moments here and there.

And hearing about births is always exciting news in our eyes.  With that, congratulations  are in order to the self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess”Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J! The two  welcomed their baby girl Bonnie Bella into the world, last night.

If you were tuned into the reality star’s social media channels you might have caught a clip of her explicit (to state mildly) live tweets during her “#contractions”.


The social media coverage didn’t stop at tweets, though. Joseline gave fans a special live Instagram video right after the birth. Updating all that watched on what the delivery room looked like, status on her wig situation, and the fact that she gave birth without an epidural. You go girl! She even included a few shoutouts to some important people in her life. Peep below.


Time has passed from the below clip when Joseline revealed her pregnancy to Stevie J. We hope the two can put their issues aside for little Bonnie Bella.