Jordan Peele Recreates Odd James Brown Interview

Warning: You will crack up!

Key & Peele have gained comedic notoriety for their hilarious skits and sketches. And now, from the humorous and clever mind of Jordan Peele, the funny man recreated James Brown’s 1988 CNN interview verbatim.

To jog your memory a bit, the interview was set under serious pretenses.

James Brown had recently caught bail on a domestic abuse case involving his wife. He was supposed to appear on the news platform to discuss the case along with his upcoming tour. Well, there was music involved and based off of the “Godfather of Soul’s” behavior and evasion of the topic, something else may have been involved that could have added to the strangeness that was happening.

Leave it to one half of the parody kings to create a funny out of the scenario. Watch below.

The original video aired on April 4.