Jokes And Notes’ Last Laugh Coming Soon

They served up big laughs and big talents. Now, Jokes and Notes comedy club, a Bronzeville Chicago staple is cutting the laughs and dimming the lights for good.

Sentiments poured over across social media as news surfaced that Chicago’s only Black-owned comedy club would be closing its doors and hosting its final show this Saturday.

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After 11 years of featuring emerging and seasoned talent, club owner Mary Lindsey, 60, said that she just “couldn’t do it anymore,”reports DNAInfo.

Sitting at 46th and King Dr., the love for the intimate space was there, but unfortunately, the venue saw 70 patrons most times. The low attendance were an addition to the already problematic situation of there being a lack of businesses surrounding the establishment to attract tourists and newcomers to the neighborhood.

“I’ve seen improvements, but I think that in order to maintain good business here you have to put that on a fast forward because there is no way that businesses can thrive if there is no foot traffic here or restaurants and things for people,” Lindsey said.

Throughout its existence, Jokes and Notes has welcomed and groomed talent such as Deon Cole, Hannibal Burress, and Lil’ Rel to name a few. In May, global star Kevin Hart and his Hartbeat Productions camp produced an event at the comedy staple where the comedian was in attendance to observe four local comedians for one of his upcoming shows.

Indeed, it’s the closing of an era and a community favorite. But, even though the jokes are coming to an end on the South Side, folks still have an opportunity to laugh their hearts out on June 25.

Get the scoop of the final show, here.