Johnnie Cochran Film in the Works


American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson is intense and ranking high with viewership. With layered pieces and an in-depth look at one of the world’s most intriguing criminal cases, Simpson wasn’t the only highlight in the case. The chilling story also placed the spotlight on attorney Johnnie Cochran.

Now, as the FX series continues to soar, film, TV and talent management company, The Firm has announced that they’ve acquired the rights to an untitled script which centers on Cochran’s earlier years.

The script, penned by David McMillan, focuses on Cochran’s case involving Ron Settles, a Black California State University Long Beach football player. In June 1981, Settles was pulled over for speeding, got into a scuffle with the arresting white officer and the morning after his arrest was found brutally beaten and hanging in his jail cell.

He was 21.

Whoa. The case of Sandra Bland slowly scrolled through my memory bank. This is heavy.

Public outcry sent shocking waves throughout the city. Police claimed the death was a result of suicide.

Sadly, as with Sandra Bland, no one was prosecuted for the former athlete’s death. The city of Signal Hill, where the events took place, paid a large settlement to the Settles family, whom Mr. Cochran represented.

The tragic case inspired the 1995 movie, The Glass Shield by Charles Burnett.

Producers of the untitled Cochran film include Robbie Brenner, Kevin McKeon and Jeff Kwatinetz serving as the executive producer.

“The subject matter resonates now just as powerfully as it did in 1981,” Brenner said in a statement. “We look forward to making an honest, provocative and challenging film.”

This is definitely one to keep on the radar. Right now, there is no word on who will direct the film, so we’ll be sure to keep you looped as the information rolls out.