Joe Budden Gets Candid About Life, Love


By// Quassan Castro

Even before Love & Hip Hop: New York, Joe Budden had a reputation for being blunt. But on the show he took honesty to new heights. The rapper-turned-reality-star had his fair share of emotional anxiety, a relationship love triangle and even revealed that he has struggled with drugs.

However, despite Budden’s emotional breakdowns and confessions of substance abuse, he says that there’s still some light shining on his life. In a recent interview with, the Jersey City, NJ native talks openly about his future with reality television, confirms if he is at odds with Consequence and Raekwon, talks new music, and also reveals his relationship status with on-off-again girlfriend, Tahiry.

What can we expect for next season of Love and Hip-Hop: New York?

You can continue to expect honesty from me on the show.

Do you see yourself in the reality television game for much longer?

The opportunity to appear on Love and Hip Hop presented itself and joining made sense at the time. It was a new experience. Love and Hip Hop is a success. To be in the reality game long term, the opportunity would have to make sense. I’m a musician.

Any new music?

Oh yeah! I’m currently working on the Slaughterhouse album and a follow-up project to No Love Lost.

You talk openly about your struggles with drug addiction and your usage of Mollies. How did you become a drug user at the age of 12? You were a just a kid!

You’re a kid. You’re curious and you end up experimenting with different things. I tried to gain some knowledge of different drugs and things happened.

At one point in your career, your camp literary had to micromanage you in an attempt to keep you from engaging in reckless behavior. Have you transcended from that dark place?

Those issues are no longer a struggle for me. I have good people around me now. I have a great support group that consists of people that love me. You have to surround yourself with people that help you get where you need to be, like family.

You spoke about wanting to fight Consequence each time you saw him after he initiated a fight with you. Are you still at odds with Consequence?

No I am not at odds with anyone at all. I’m at peace with everyone. The fight happened, it came and went, it was dealt with. Him and me aren’t in a situation where we cross paths on a regular basis.  It is what it is.

Raekwon spoke about you in an interview, he says when he sees you he wouldn’t attack you but calmly ask you for clarification, on any issue you might have with him. Let’s clear this up.  What issues do you have with Raekwon as of today?

Let’s be clear, as of today, I have absolutely no issue with anyone at all. Joe Budden has no problems with anyone!

On the show, it seems you basically snub Kaylin to be in the company of Tahiry throughout the prior season. It was no surprise to me when you and Tahiry went for a cozy get-a-way. Are you recommitted to Tahiry in a relationship right now?

Yes we’re in a committed relationship.

Outside of music, what are you working on?

I’m working with a technology upstart called gig-it, which allows me to have more interaction with my fans and expand my audience. I have a partnership with the apparel line By Any Means. The line is about getting your dreams out by any means.