Honestly! Truly! Joanne the Scammer is Getting Her Own TV Show!!!

Joanne the Scammer lives for drama. In fact she lives by the motto, “Be positive. Be patient. Be petty.”

All of the scamming and messiness has apparently paid off because sis will be coming to your TV screen shortly with her very own show. Laced in the most luxurious furs and donning an iconic blonde wig, you can find Joanne on the ‘gram giving her best advice on how to curve these f*ck boys.

As she puts it, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way, where there’s a man, there’s a scam.” Hopefully, we’ll get more of these legendary lessons on Joanne’s series.

Recently, Branden Miller the man behind Joanne stopped by Janet Mock’s Never Before podcast where he broke the news about the TV show. He told Mock that he was looking to do a “sitcom” with “Netflix folks.”

“I can’t even speak that far ahead because I don’t even know,” Miller explained. “All I know is we start off with her being married to this rich white older guy…or maybe he’s not even older. And he drops her, so she’s trying to get to that place again of being Caucasian – whatever she thinks that is. Instagram gives you one minute of that; the show will give you the whole storyline.”

Listen to the entire episode here.

PAPER Magazine confirmed the news when a Super Deluxe rep told the mag, “We are currently working on the creative and will be taking it out to buyers and distribution partners soon.”

Had to remind one of my high school friends she's not ahead of me in beauty or wealth.

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Hopefully, the new series will regale us with the best in Caucasian living so we can all be easy, breezy, beautiful, scammer girls.

Photo Credit: Instagram