Clip Tease: Is it Over for Chrissy and Jim Jones?

It takes a lot to be the significant other of a person who’s in the entertainment industry. Add to that a street hustler mentality, and “grind harder” spirit so to never have to feel what it’s like to be without again, builds the pressure.

So, with that it’s been a long journey and rocky road for hip-hop couple Jim Jones and fiancé Chrissy. After 11 years and through the ups and downs, the love is still strong. But, is it strong enough to finally carry them to the aisle?

Welp, from the looks of the below clip tease, it’s not looking too sweet for the pair. Wedding plans are flipped upside down after a secret is exposed to Chrissy which is followed by a tangled web of drama and an announcement that catches everyone off-guard.

Questions are asked and tears are shed. Will Jim and Chrissy’s love prosper or dissolve?

Watch the clip below:

Jim & Chrissy Vow or Never airs Thursday at 10pm ET on WeTV