JETflix Friday: Dr. Maya Angelou Edition

Dr. Maya Angelou not only wowed us with her words, she roused us with her acting skills, too. The notable poet spewed wisdom no matter the role and reminded us of our self-worth each time she stepped in front of a camera.

Appearing in a number television series and films, here are just a few featuring the heroine. JETflix Friday: Dr. Maya Angelou edition starts now…

Madea's Family Reunion


In the midst of prepping for a family reunion, Madea (Tyler Perry) has a list of broken hearts she must help repair. Luckily, she has some help from her fellow elders, Aunt Myrtle (Cecily Tyson) and May (Maya Angelou). Together, they help patch up the drama and express what love is all about. Dr. Angelou even delivers one of her poems in the film.

Poetic Justice


When Justice (Janet Jackson) meets Lucky (Tupac Shakur), she suddenly finds herself on an overnight road trip with him and her friends. Along the way, the foursome crashes a family reunion barbecue. That’s when they meet Aunt June, portrayed by Angelou. She shares her wisdom, helping the group come to terms with some of their own truths.

Roots Maya Angelou


Did you forget that the poet made an appearance in the epic mini-series? She played Kunta Kinte’s grandmother in two of the episodes. She was fierce and had no trouble laying down the law to her grandson.

Good Hair


Chris Rock gets down to the nitty gritty in his documentary that explores nearly everything about African-American hair. With the aid of several notables from Black Hollywood, including Dr. Angelou, the comedian sheds light on one of our most beloved possessions.