JETflix Friday

Wondering what to watch for movie night? JETflix Friday has got you covered!

Happy Friday!
You’ve worked hard all week, and you deserve some down time. Spend your evening checking out some of these newly released flicks. Grab the popcorn, because these films are JET approved! JETflix Fridays starts now…



What would you do if your flight were hijacked? That’s the question the characters in this new action thriller have to answer. On a trip from New York to London, one U.S. federal air marshal begins to receive a series of text messages that threaten to kill a passenger every 20 minutes if $150 million isn’t transferred into a bank account. When the murders actually begin, panic erupts and the blame game starts. Starring Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong’o and Nate Parker, find out who is responsible for the chaos when you hit the movies Friday night.



Fast forward to the year 2028 and meet Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), a family man and cop in the city of Detroit. While in the line of duty, the devoted policeman is critically injured after a bomb explodes. Instead of continuing his life as normal, the multinational conglomerate, OmniCorp, decide to create its own half-man, half-robot officer with Murphy’s recovering body. Find out how the leaders and citizen deal with their new RoboCop when you take a trip to the theater to see this film co-starring Samuel L. Jackson and Michael K. Williams.



Tommy Carter (Anthony Mackie) manages to put the pieces of his life back together after surviving a drunken car accident that almost killed him. In fact, he bandages his wounds and puts his energy into writing a therapeutic and spiritual book that becomes largely successful. When his writings catch the attention of Angel Sanchez (Forest Whitaker), Carter gains a new client to counsel. But little does he know, his latest patient puts him yet another life or death situation. Check out this psychological thriller, also starring Nicole Ari Parker, Mike Epps and Sanaa Lathan, in theaters now.