JETflix Friday

Hollow Crown

Happy Friday!

You’ve worked hard all week and you deserve some down time. Spend your evening checking out some of these newly released flicks. Grab the popcorn, because these picks are JET-approved! JETflix Friday starts now…


This movie is a compelling behind-the-scenes look at renowned choreographers Kevin Iega Jeff and Gary Abbott and their inspiring Deeply Rooted Dance Theater. Set to the contemplative music of Christopher North, it’s not about how dancers dance, but why they dance, removing the gap away from art to artist. It’s streaming now.

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James Bond is back, and he’s ready to partake in another adventure. This time, a strange note from his past sends him on a journey like never before. He travels to Mexico City and then Rome, where he finds a sinister organization known as Spectre. He needs answers, and he must reflect on his history to find them. Starring Naomie Harris, check out this action film out now.

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Billy “The Great” Hope, the light heavyweight boxing champion of the world, can take a punch to the face without much of a flinch. But when his wife dies unexpectedly in a tragic accident, he receives a gut-wrenching blow that he can’t seem to shake. Also starring Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Forest Whitaker, this flick, on DVD now, will send you on an emotional roller coaster, and remind you to “believe in hope.”

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What happens when aliens send real-life video games to earth? A full-blown war ensues. That’s right. Pac-man, Donkey Kong and the rest of the old school arcade characters are on the attack, and they are vicious. With their knowledge of the premise of the games, President Will Cooper (Kevin James) and his childhood pal Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler) must devise a plan to save the planet before it’s too late. Spot Affion Crockett in this comedy on DVD now.

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