JETflix Friday

Happy Friday!

You’ve worked hard all week, and you deserve some down time. Spend your evening checking out some of these newly released flicks. Grab the popcorn, because these films are JET approved! JETflix Fridays starts now…

Pompeii 2014 Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje


The year is AD 79, and the place is the Roman city of Pompeii. When Milo (Kit Harington), a former slave turned gladiator, leaves behind his life of bondage, he finds himself preparing another escape plan to save his true love, Cassie (Emily Browning), who is bethrothed to the corrupt Roman Senator Corvus (Keifer Sutherland). Purchase this DVD, out in stores now, on your way home today.



Fast forward to the year 2028 and meet Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), a family man and cop in the city of Detroit. While in the line of duty, the devoted policeman is critically injured after a bomb explodes. Instead of continuing his life as normal, the multinational conglomerate, OmniCorp, decide to create its own half-man, half-robot officer with Murphy’s recovering body. Find out how the leaders and citizen deal with their new RoboCop when you pick up this DVD starring Samuel L. Jackson and Michael K. Williams.

Moms Mabley


In this documentary, stars like Harry Belafonte, Arsenio Hall, Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby share their memories of the legendary comedian Moms Mabley. The multi- JET magazine cover star during her time was the first Black woman comic to perform at Carnegie Hall and the Apollo Theater. Produced by Whoopi Goldberg and presented by HBO, this DVD is a must-have. It’s historic, entertaining and inspiring. Grab your copy.