JETflix Friday

Check out the final trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" starring Jamie Foxx as the villain Electro.

Happy Friday!

You’ve worked hard all week, and you deserve some down time. Spend your evening checking out some of these newly released flicks. Grab the popcorn, because these films are JET approved! JETflix Fridays starts now…

spiderman 2 jf


“With great power comes great responsibility.” Peter Parker must live up to this compelling quote yet again in another grueling battle. This time, he comes face to face with a group of super villains, who are sent by a mysterious corporation called Oscorp. Starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx (yep, that’s Mr. Foxx in that photo), watch this web-spewing victor leap across the screen tonight.



Set in 1780s England, Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is struggling to find her place in society. As the illegitimate mixed race daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay, she is sent to live in a world where the color of her skin makes her an outsider. Directed by British writer Amma Asante, see this riveting and inspiring film.



When one soldier survives a failed prisoner extraction mission, he has to find his way out of the maximum-security establishment. Not only does his life depend on it, but so do the lives of thousands of others. Starring Jon Foo and Danny Glover, pick up this action flick out on DVD now.