‘Blame it on the Hustle’ Plot Details Revealed

Blame it on the Hustle
Blame it on the Hustle

In the December 24, 2012 issue of JET, we provided information on an upcoming film entitled Blame it on the Hustle in our In the Know section. However, based on an early press release that contained misinformation, we published details about the film’s plot line that are incorrect. Per the movie’s casting director, “Blame it On The Hustle is in no way, shape or form attached to Program Pictures or BMF.”

See below for the full correction via the movie’s casting director:

“Blame It On The Hustle is an independent film produced by Blame It On The Hustle LLC. and is slated for a late 2013 box office release. The film is set to star hip-hop artist DMX, Ving Rhames, Laila Odom, Jackie Long and Mekhi Phifer, along with Michael Imperioli, documenting the rise and fall of the first urban crime family “The Hit Boyz” in present day New York City.

A rep for the film states: “In the midst of a recent erroneous press release that has gone viral using our attached cast, we would like to inform the public that Blame it On The Hustle is in no way, shape or form attached to Program Pictures or BMF.

DMX will not be portraying Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory nor are we producing a BMF biopic.”

-Executive Producer Phil ‘Gates’ Jordan

-Executive Producer Philip Lawton