JET Exclusive: Marlo Hampton Shares Her Life’s Struggle From Foster Care to Entrepreneur Pt.2

In part two of our candid interview with Marlo Hampton, she explains how she ended up with a criminal record and details exactly what the charges were. Click here for part one before you continue.

So, the phone rung and it was her mother that’s my heart, I love her to death. She was like, ‘No, Marlo is not leaving. You just bring her over to me.’ And I think she saved me because who knows what the next home could’ve been. That’s why I feel today I have issues with relationships. Because the people that were supposed to love me the most weren’t there. And as for my mom, I wouldn’t say that she wasn’t there, because graduation from St. Petersburg High School in 1994, she was on drugs but guess what, she was there with her little cheap camera and her boyfriend.

It’s things like that I always remember. That’s why I bought my mom a house when I was able to afford it. That’s why I still do little things because I know she did try and I know the drugs are what made her be like that. She was at my college graduation from the University of South Florida. I could tell she was still using drugs but she was dressed up in her little dress, still had her hair done. She still was there. So that meant the world to me. My dad wasn’t there and he wasn’t on drugs. And he’s married to his wife to this day [and] has money. That’s why I just always loved mom for the little bit of mom and parenting skills she had. I know she loved me.

When I moved with the last family – which I will say I thank God for them because they did push me to go to school. I was the first of my mom’s children to even graduate from high school, let alone college. Don’t get it twisted, I wasn’t a straight A student. I did what I had to do and I got on. But I loved my professors. At the time I got into a fight, I got into an altercation at the club. My professors, if you see my letters – they’re like in my keepsake– all of my professors wrote letters for me to the judge like, we can’t even believe this happened. Not with Marlo. I love to talk. So you know I talked to them. I had a relationship with them so when that happened it was really sad because the young lady was one of my close friends. And my sister at the time who was on drugs, was like, “Marlo, that girl is not your friend. She’s jealous of you.” This girl was older than me and I’m like, she’s not jealous of me. So long story short, the altercation happened and I regret it like no other.

But what they left out of the story, too –which even if you pull it up and get the report – she had a lot of arrests, she had a rap sheet that was longer than mine. Why do you think I didn’t go to jail? The judge was like, “Oh my God, Ms. Williams look at your rap sheet.” It was her history of doing that. That was my first time of something that drastic ever happening to me. At the time when this altercation happened I had a restraining order on her. I mean, it’s all in black and white so when the blogs pulled it up – I have the report here of exactly everything that happened. Anyway, I go to court and the judge was like, “Ms. Hampton, I’m not going to send you to prison but you did face ten years for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.” My professors wrote letters. The girl was standing in front of the judge saying “I want her to do every bit of ten years,” and the judge was like, “No, but you will do a year in the penitentiary–county jail. And you will do three years house arrest and two years probation.” So I went to county jail. She wouldn’t even let me leave to pack my stuff or anything because it had been going on for a year back and forth and she was like, felt it had been going on too long so I did a year in county.

Six months later they called me to come out for court. They said the girl had come back to tell the judge she wants me released. So the judge has me go back to court and asked her did someone threaten her. Six months ago you were saying you wanted this girl to do every bit of prison time. She was just like, “No, I just forgive her.” It was just very crazy. She got up and talked. But something didn’t feel right. It was just like, something that drastic? You’ve had me go to jail. It was kind of scary. Just imagine. But we still spoke. We’re still on speaking terms. I talk to her on the phone. I call her when I go to St. Pete. That’s why I was shocked when her sister reached out to the blogger.

Her sister was a sweetheart but she had issues also. Everybody had a history of problems. And when I went to court that time, the judge says, “I’m going to release you, but you will do three years of house arrest.” And I’m in college. I’ve already been gone six months. I’m thinking it was spring break, so I got out at a good time. So Daytona, spring break. You’re on house arrest. You’re not supposed to do that. You’re only supposed to go to work, go to school, or whatever you have on your paper you’re supposed to go then you’re home. So little rebel Marlo, I’m sneaking out, trying to get to Daytona, I’m trying to get to the club. And every time I did this my house arrest officer came by. So I’d violated. So I’ve only had three charges, but I was arrested seven times because I violated four times. So with the new charges, seven, they were all violations. I had a violation for being out of the house at least three times, that’s three there. I had a violation for not turning in my gun. So they put felony with a firearm. It was a .38 registered in my name, but when you go to jail for a felony, you’re not supposed to have a firearm in your possession. So, the other one for writing a bad check it was just one check and you can see the paperwork from the judge. It was to the University of South Florida, the bookstore, where I graduated. I want to say it was $85 or $95 for a book. I miscalculated my checkbook. But it was for the school I graduated from. People just take the negative and make like, oh, she writes bad checks. I don’t write bad checks. Neiman Marcus is working with me on events and I do things with the store. Like, are you serious? I wrote one bad check in my life, for books at the University of South Florida in Tampa. And I have a copy.

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