Jessie J & Ariana Grande to Cover ‘The Boy is Mine’

Back in the day, “The Boy is Mine” was my JAM.

Pssh, who am I kidding? It still is and I will be the first to sing it at karaoke … always as Brandy, she’s my fave.

I’d watch the video EVERY. DAY. on MTV’s TRL (raise your hand if you remember that oldie but goodie)!

But I’m afraid that song is about to be slayed … and not in a good way.

I first heard about Jessie J and Ariana Grande covering “The Boy is Mine” on a gossip site and I hoped and prayed to the R&B gods that it wasn’t true.

But, alas, it appears as though this is actually happening.

According to Mr. Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, he’s decided to bring the two pop stars together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his career.

And I’m left wondering why? WHYYY?!!

Why (potentially) ruin a perfectly good song and my teenage years at the same. damn. time?!

You couldn’t just have Brandy and Monica duke it out in round two or something?

So, without further ado, I present the original … and pour some out for the homies.