Some White Folks Upset By Jesse Williams’ Speech

Greys Anatomy star Jesse Williams set the web on fire with his BET Awards acceptance speech. So far, it’s been praised as bold, brilliant, and necessary by many, but some folks just aren’t feeling it.

Aside from those who knock the actor’s stance because of his light skin and blue eyes, another group of people were also upset Williams spoke truth to power: white viewers.

While Justin Timberlake was inspired by Williams, some of his white brothers and sisters thought the whole thing was “racist.”

For the first time ever, this year’s BET Awards were broadcast on 12 Viacom channels (just like MTV’s VMAs), including MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Centric, and Nickelodeon–that last one had some white viewers scratching their heads.

Apparently, some people didn’t appreciate hearing Williams “Black panther speech,” as one viewer called it, and took to Twitter and Facebook to express their displeasure.

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Instead of using Williams’ speech as a teachable moment about the history of America, one pressed parent accused Nickelodeon of “teaching kids how to be racist,” while another wondered what would happen if white people had a “three hour hatefest” on TV.

Hmm…I thought that was called a Donald Trump rally?