Jermaine Dupri Kicks it On ‘The Real’

*Photo: Erica Parise/Warner Bros. Television

Record producer, songwriter and DJ Jermaine Dupri is the latest celeb to hit the couch and chop it up with the ladies of The Real.

And things get quite interesting as he breaks down his role as a producer by comparing it to the job of a gynecologist. Throwing the ladies for a loop, he wraps his point up with a story about working in the studio with Aretha Franklin.

“I’m like a gynecologist,” he tells the ladies. “I say that…I only use that because as women, when y’all go to the doctor, you know what his job is. So you can’t sit there and act crazy, you just got to do what he says. Open up and let’s go.”

He adds, “So when they come to the studio or when they come to the house or whatever it is…“Open up and let’s go.”

Get a clip tease of the conversation and JD’s experience with Aretha Franklin below.

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