Jazmine Sullivan’s “Self-Centered” Eulogy

When someone passes, sentiments of experiences with that person begin to pour out. It’s a personal process, that — since the age of social media — has become very public.

Some may not agree with the way you choose to express your grief or the intent behind your post but, when all is left for the world to see, scrutiny follows.

This is the reason singer Jazmine Sullivan’s name is among the trending topics this Wednesday morning.

After receiving news about a guy, she met briefly, who recently passed, Sullivan shared a memory of him that detailed his “determined” pursuit to get to know her better.

Some have since labeled the post as “vain” and she’s received a lengthy timeline of side-eyes and dismissals. The criticism has since caused her to delete the public eulogy.

Read the note, below.

Social media held back nothing when it came to criticizing her message.

While others seems to have a different perspective of where the singer may have been coming from.

Photo: Instagram