Jay Z’s Roc Nation Countersues Rita Ora

It’s Roc Nation versus Rita Ora in the latest music business fiasco.

Following Rita Ora’s lawsuit claim that she had been “orphaned” by the label due to their various business ventures, it’s reported that boss man Jay Z agreed to let the singer out of her contract, but also filed a $2.3 million counter suit.

In Roc Nation’s lawsuit, filed in New York, the company is asking to receive a return on funds that went into promotions and marketing for Rita’s projects. The New York Daily News reported that Ora’s lawyer, Howard King, feels the suit was filed “reluctantly” to meet a court deadline.

Rita has been signed to Roc Nation since 2008 and has released only one album. Her contract stated she was responsible for five.

Roc Nation hopes to reach a settlement before the court hearing slated for April 19 in Los Angeles.