Jay Z Releases Protest Song ‘Spiritual’

Tensions are high following the tragic murders of two Black men at the hands of police officers, this week.

Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was fatally shot six times after officers tackled him to the ground. While his blatant murder was still processing, a FB live video of Philando Castile being shot by an officer in Falcon Heights, Minn. circulated the Interwebs, with his girlfriend documenting the unfathomable scene.

The police shooting sparked protest which started out peaceful and ended in a deadly shooting in Dallas.

It has indeed been a rough week.

And with all that’s going on, it is during times like these where artist voices matter the most. It is during these times, where those who have a platform should rise and address the issues at hand.

We’re beginning to see this with a lot of celebrities and music artist, who are just as fed up with the overt abuse of people with Black and Brown skin.

In response to the madness and as societal tensions continue to rise following fatal police-involved shootings, Jay Z dropped a new record, entitled ‘Spiritual.’ The nearly four-minute track speaks strong with lyrics such as:

“I am not poison/I’m just a boy from the ‘hood/ that got my hands in the air filled with despair/ I just wanna do good”

Listen to the track below or on Tidal.

Accompanying the music, was a letter Jay wrote explaining the reason for the song and his sadness over the lost of so many.

Read it below: