Jay Z Negotiating to Own Unreleased Prince Music

Can someone please pass along at least a mock model of Jay Z’s life business plan?

The entertainment mogul has come a long way since his days as a hustler in Marcy Projects. As a rapper, his life is embedded throughout intricate lyrics and one line has continued to hold true: I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man!


In addition to producing socially stimulating content such as the upcoming The Emmett Till Story and The Kalief Bowder Story and signing a two-year production deal with The Weinsten Company (TWC), among Jay’s latest endeavor, the boss man is currently in negotiations with Prince’s estate to pay $40 million for “the purple one’s” unreleased music.

The streaming rights are in heavy discussion and TMZ reports that according to sources, the negotiations are still expensive and very competitive. Jay spoke with Prince’s sister, Tyka and her husband Maurice Phillips after flying them to New York for a meeting. The hiccup, however, is that even though Tyka may be Prince’s only full-sibling, she still has to get all of her brothers and sisters to sign-off on the deal.

This bidding war is on.