Jay-Z May Head to Trial over Sampling Lawsuit

One thing that you can’t take away from music producers is their ability to think outside of and beyond the box.

Their gift of deciphering “what’s hot right now” and “what’s long-standing and timeless” is admirable, and introduces music lovers and beat makers to new sounds and artists.

But those same ambitions and artistic risks can lead many to the courtroom. Music and politics…eh.

Such has been the ongoing case with the production sample of Jay-Z and Timbaland’s late 90s’ hit Big Pimpin’.” Timbaland purchased the sample from EMI Arabia. For years, the emcee and the producer have battled with Osama Ahmed Fahmy. Fahmy says his “moral rights” were violated because the original song, “Kohsara, Kohsara”, was “mutilated.”

Fahmy and his legal team say that Jay and Tim did not have proper rights to the Egyptian sample. Fahmy claims that once the song was sold to an Egyptian record label, they did not have the rights to then sell the beat to Timbo and Jay or anyone else without their permission.

Settlements in the case have not been successful and you can bet with Jay-Z coming up on mo’money and the big Tidal announcement, Fahmy definitely wants his cut of what he feels he’s entitled to – no matter how long this battle has been going on.

The trial is set to begin in October.

The sample and original song are in the mix below.

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In these cases, I wonder: Should the lawsuit fall on the vocal artist(s), the producer, or both? What are your thoughts?