Jay-Z Plotting a ‘Lemonade’ Attack?

If Jay-Z is plotting to drop an album in response to his wife Beyoncé’s chart-topping Lemonade, then this move would certainly take music and marketing to another level.

When Queen Bey dropped her sixth solo album, folks ran with the idea that the body of work was a direct shot at the Jigga man. Sure the couple, who probably strategically planned the execution, is going to go along with it and dispel rumors via actions rather than direct quotes.

According to U.S. Weekly, Jay is currently recording songs that tell his side of his eight-year marriage to Beyoncé. Yeah…we’re not fully sure about that. But, who knows.

What is funny though is this hour-long comedic piece Funny or Die curated called, “I Gave You Lemons.”

In the sketch, a Jay-Z impersonator adopts the “Lemonade” format and channels his emotions through a poetic rap. Watch below.

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