Jay Z Sued…AGAIN

Jay Z has another lawsuit on his hands.

The entertainment and business mogul was recently slapped with a $20 million case for allegedly failing to promote his own fragrance, Gold Jay Z.

The fragrance hit the market in 2013.


According to the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan, Jay was supposed to fulfill six promotional appearances including Good Morning America, Women’s Wear Daily and Macy’s. The deal also included social media postings.

None of which happened.

The partnership was a written deal between Jay and Parlux Fragrances who created five prototypes of the product packaging. The gold-trimmed designs cost a reported $20,000 each.

Now, this is quite interesting because throughout his expanding career, Jay Z has never been one to hit the promo and social circuit. The most a product received an public endorsement from the rapper is via song lyrics and a music video. Could you picture the Brooklyn-bred entertainer promoting cologne on Good Morning America?

Eh…doesn’t quite fit with his brand. But, nevertheless a deal is a deal.

The company is seeking the $2 million royalty payment given to the mogul, 300,000 stock shares in Perfumania, and an end to the contract which results in a sum of $18 million in damages.

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