Key Alert: Jay Z – “I Got The Keys”

We never quite know when Jay-Z is in the studio cooking up a new project, but we can always tell he’s up to something when he drops back-to-back verses.

In the most recent case, after signing DJ Khaled to his Roc Nation label and then joining Beyoncé on the Formation Tour, it was only a matter of time before the Jigga man came out of the gate and delivered some material.

And it makes sense. Jay’s wife has been the talk of the industry since she dropped Lemonade, and Khaled is the hype man of the world with his heavily increasing popularity, visibility, and strong ability to bring together the top artists for anthem-style collaborations.

Recently, Jay reconnected with Fat Joe and hopped on the “All The Way Up” single with Remy Ma. The track not only came as a surprise, but also added a perk to the ear when he subtly addressed the rumors surrounding the messages in Beyoncé’s latest album.

“Nothing real can be threatened.”

Next, Jay went straight crazy and excited hip-hop fans with his collaboration with Pusha T. In DDA (Drug Dealer’s Anonymous), Jigga discussed his real-life experiences of being a former d-boy. On both ends, we got major bars and legit storytelling–two things we love about the Brooklyn rapper.

Remember those photos circulating social media with Jay, Khaled, Fab, and a gang of other bosses in the rap game? Well, that video dropped Sunday night, following the BET Awards.

DJ Khaled’s “I Got The Keys” featuring Jay-Z and Future is another banger for the summer. Jay talks his ish for two verses with mentions of his “Big Pimpin” court case and his marriage to Beyoncé.

“My swag different/that bag different/ my wife Beyonce, I brag different/ my baby Blue, I dream in color/that’s too much flavor/I don’t rap to suckers.”

Epicness all around. Clap it up for the major keys!

Check the record below

“I Got The Keys” is available on DJ Khaled’s “Major Key” album dropping July 27.